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Filtering element  μm
Condensate drain 

Code Type Ports / Connections Filtering element (μm) Condensate drain
MC104-F00 Filters G1/4 25 semiautomatic-manual drain
MC238-F00 Filters G3/8 25 semiautomatic-manual drain
MC202-F00 Filters G1/2 25 semiautomatic-manual drain
MC104-F04 Filters G1/4 25 depressurisation drain
MC238-F03 Filters G3/8 25 automatic drain
MC202-F03 Filters G1/2 25 automatic drain
MC104-F05 Filters G1/4 25 depressurisation drain, protected
MC238-F05 Filters G3/8 25 depressurisation drain, protected
MC202-F05 Filters G1/2 25 depressurisation drain, protected
MC104-F08 Filters G1/4 25 no drain
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